"Pet Parent Pawffirmations"

"Anyone who has loved a dog knows that the bond you share can be even stronger than those you share with other humans. As a devoted pet parent, author Donna Chicone not only understands this unique bond, but wanted to provide a way for every parent of a beloved dog to enrich that special relationship — with promises she calls Pawffirmations. Touching every area of your life as a pet parent, from house-training and health to grooming, play, and beyond, Donna provides 30 moving promises to recite to your four-legged companion, accompanied by “pawsitive facts” and full-color photos. In stating these heartfelt words, you will heighten your bond, rediscover the importance of each crucial aspect of your dog’s life, and renew your commitment to a long and loving life together."


"Being a Super Pet Parent"

"What makes this book special is Chicone’s attitude: 'Part of my advocacy for dogs is to help all of us as humans become more sensitive to the reality that our dogs are sentient beings who experience pain, fear and joy,” she writes. “In the world of grammar etiquette, it is correct to reference animals as ‘that’ and ‘it,’ but … I don’t follow that convention. I want to encourage us to refer to dogs as ‘who’ and ‘him’ and ‘her.’ Why? Because referring to our beloved dogs as the feeling beings they are is the beginning of making a difference in our relationship together.' Good for you, Donna. Language changes behavior."
~ Mary Ann Grossman, Pioneer Press

This is the book I couldn’t find on the bookshelves
when I got my first dog.
— Donna Chicone

So she set out to provide new pet-parents and even seasoned pet-parents with easier access to comprehensive pet-parenting information all in one fun-filled, engaging book. The sole purpose of "Being a Super Pet Parent" is to help you, as the pet-parent, make informed and responsible decisions for the well-being of your beloved dogs. Thoughtful decisions will promote an increased quality of life for your dog and allow a loving, lasting bond to develop between you and your dog.

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If you have a dog, or are considering bringing a dog into your home, Being a Super Pet Parent will transform your approach and bring you and your dog a lifetime of rich rewards. Donna’s storytelling and personal sharing of not only her experiences, but her passion for elevating our relationships with our canine companions is a game changer for individuals and families who want a life filled with the love of dog.
— Nancy Herbst, M.Ed. C.E.A.P.
Just wait a second while I hug and kiss my dog, wipe away a few tears, and take my dog for a little adventure in nature so she can explore, smell, and run...that is the impact your book had on me! Not to mention that I could not put it down :). Very informative, easy to follow and read, made a great deal of sense as it follows nice sound logic, and nicely sequential. Let’s get this book published so it can be my gift of the season for all my dog loving friends!
— Kristin Muyskens, M.A.,L.P., Psychologist
Donna Chicone’s book, Being a Super Pet Parent, is a wonderful read. Whether you are a new pet parent - or an experienced dog owner - Donna shares many “hot tips” on a variety of dog topics that you can try with your dog immediately. A fun and informative read that will leave you reflecting on how you can be the best pet parent you can be! Ike, Eliza, and Kirby (three Portuguese Water Dogs) love Donna’s ideas too!
— Christine Peper, Phd.
Having been a pet parent in my adult life - first for 14 years and again for 15 years - I found some reassurance that I gave the best I knew at the time. Since selecting another puppy, and reading your book, I feel like there is so much more to being a pet parent than I originally thought. I have always loved dogs, but did not view their needs in the same way, as I do now.
— Pat Wall, B.S.N. R.N.