Meet Jazz:

  • Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 62lbs
  • Birth Date: May 23, 2005
  • Favorite game: Chasing or being chased
  • Dislikes: Bath and grooming
  • Favorite Toy: Stuffed penguin
  • Coat Color: Brown with white marking/wavy coat


Meet Jive:

  • Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
  • Sex: Female
  • Weight: 42lbs
  • Birth Date: May 1, 2009
  • Favorite Game: Taking toys from her brother Jazz
  • Dislikes: Bath and grooming
  • Favorite Toy: Any soft toy she can destroy
  • Coat Color: Brown with white markings/wavy coat

Follow the adventures of Donna, Jazz & Jive in their Blog-style journey:


"Just Jazz"

Jazz is my best friend and a comedian at heart. He will do something every day to make me laugh like take my kitchen towel off the counter or my shoe from the shoe rack. He waits patiently to see when I notice it is missing and come to him with a smile and a loving scold about what he did. He knows my every emotion and where I am at all times when I am in his sight. Jazz is loyal and loving and I cannot imagine life without him, even though I know that day will come.

Jazz believes everyone is here to say hello to him. When we are on our walks he looks at me in disbelief when someone does not stop to greet him and pet him. Jazz is a curious, fun loving and well-socialized dog. He loves going for walks and running in his backyard. He enjoys playing with his toys; his favorite toy is a stuffed penguin. He is a dog that loves people and other dogs. He also loves playing with his sister "Jive". The two of them are inseparable.

Jazz has competed in conformation and is trained in agility work and is currently taking K9 Nose Work classes. He has achieved the Good Canine Citizen Certification and his certification as a therapy dog through Pet Partners and most recently with Intermountain Therapy Animals. He has also done a lot of obedience work and has successfully mastered several dog tricks. Jazz is currently competing in K-9 Nosework and is having a lot of fun with this sport. Jazz is a very special dog and my wonderful partner in our life venture together.


"Just Jive"

Jive is four years younger than Jazz. The two are inseparable and best of friends. They both work in tandem following my every move throughout the day. I love their companionship. Jive is more reserved and while she let’s Jazz take the spotlight, she has her own way of making sure she is in my personal space for the attention due her.

Jive loves to play with Jazz and she especially loves to take toys from him. Jazz enjoys that because then he can chase her to get the toy and chasing is his favorite game to play. Jive is one of the sweetest dogs I know. She loves to be near me and have me pet her. She is an expert at snuggling. She is calm and loving and I so love being with her.  

Jive has done agility training and also competed in the conformation ring. She achieved her AKC Puppy recognition and the Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  She is also registered as a therapy dog with Pet Partner Therapy training and most recently Intermountain Therapy Animals. She enjoys doing pet assisted therapy work. Jive is also taking K9 Nose Work classes and simply loves the experience. She is competing in the sport with great success.

Portuguese Water Dog Breed History:

Portuguese Water Dogs were bred to work at the side of the Portuguese fisherman. They went to sea with the fishermen and would work the nets in the water. They would herd fish into the nets and are excellent divers. They carried messages from boat to boat and to shore. At night they would guard the boat while the fisherman was away. They are protective of their people or family and enjoy being with you wherever you go. They need a job and a purpose or they will find things to do on their own, which may not be things you want them to do. This breed also has a sense of humor and will do something every day to make you laugh.