Multiple Dogs

Pet parents with one dog often find themselves considering the option of bringing another dog into their family. Jazz was with me for four years before I thought about having another dog join our family. It felt like a big decision...and it was. I had to consider two of everything from food bowls, crates, leashes, toys, food, and veterinarian costs. Cost is a major factor in being confident you can have more than one dog as a family member. 

When Jive arrived it was a very exciting time of course but it also seemed so natural. Jazz and Jive became fast friends immediately. They needed to get to know each other but had fun doing so. Jazz was a good teacher and Jive learned to adapt to the family schedule easily. It is said if you have two dogs you will always have two dogs. This is because if something happens to one dog, the one left is very lonely. And this is why pet parents find themselves bringing another dog into the family at that time, not only for the dog left behind but for the entire family.

When Jive arrived I realized how important it was for Jazz to have another member of his canine specie in the family. I truly suspect there are dogs who want to be only dogs, but Jazz wanted a companion. That was very clear when he responded so positively to Jive. It was also very clear to me how different each of their personalities were. I had known Jazz for four years before Jive came but I became more aware of his personality as he stood in contrast to Jive. Both have their unique and very separate personality. They do therapy work differently. Jazz is engaging and wants to play while Jive is more reserved and cuddles a lot. They do the sport of K9 nose work differently. They do everything differently because they are each unique. Having two dogs has made me appreciate the significance of each dog having their own special personality. 

The benefits of having two dogs are many. Actually twice as many as having one dog. Most of all there is twice the love. There are things you do differently with two dogs versus one dog. For example it was no issue to spend time training Jazz to learn new behaviors when it was just him. But now with Jive here I have to crate Jazz or spend time training her when Jazz is not around. Everything you need to do with a dog alone now becomes more challenging. You find ways to make it work but I will say Jive does not have as many tricks under her belt as Jazz does. Managing time takes some creative thinking and it is just as important to spend time with each dog as it is to spend time with them together. 

If you are thinking about bringing another dog into your family I recommend you consider cost, time, and the commitment it takes. If those are all a go for you I know you will enjoy the adventure. Woofs & Smiles!