Mother's Day is for Pet Parent "Moms"

As Mother's Day approaches I found myself thinking about this special day as a Mom to my human child whom I am so grateful to have in my life. I also found myself thinking about Mother's Day from the perspective of being a Pet Parent Mom to my two dogs. My husband always helps Jazz and Jive find that perfect card for me on this special day. But I am now thinking about them with more focus as their Pet parent. I am sure writing my book has influenced me and I am grateful for the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings. What resulted was this:

10 Reasons Mother’s Day is for the “Mom” Pet Parent too!

1) We make a life long commitment to the very end to love and care for our beloved dogs. Our dogs bring joy to our lives from the time they are a puppy to the time they are ready to cross over the rainbow bridge. 

2) Some “Mom” Pet Parents only have canine children. This makes the parent relationship especially meaningful. For some Pet Parent Moms this means never having had a human child, only canine children and for others it can be before human children come into the family or after the human children leave the family.

3) We provide nutrition and even make homemade treats for our dogs. We research and make sure what they eat is safe and nutritional for them. 

4) We provide exercise and take our dogs for daily walks. We enjoy the fresh air and connecting with nature together. We are exercise buddies and the benefits of exercise are mutual.

5) We spend time training our dogs so they can live comfortably in our human world. Teaching our dogs good manners and how to behave well at home and in public is a parent responsibility we take very seriously.

6) We take our dogs to the veterinarian for wellness check ups and when they are sick or injured to make sure they get the best of care. We advocate for our dogs health because they need us to speak on their behalf.

7) We take our dogs to the groomer and make sure they are properly groomed for their needs. We keep their toenails trimmed and their teeth brushed. Canine hygiene is important in preventing physical and dental problems for our dogs. We focus on prevention.

8) Whenever we are shopping we make a point to check out the dog section in the store for that special toy or chew we know our dog will like. We are always thinking of things that will make our dog happy.

9) We make sure our dogs have a chance to play with other dogs. Socialization and playing with other dogs and humans is important and fun for our dogs.

10) All these things we do for our beloved dogs pale in comparison to the unconditional love our dogs give us every minute of every day. We are grateful for the gift of having ourwonderful canine children in our life.

We hope your Mother's Day is a day your are surrounded by all the people and dogs who love you. Woofs & Smiles!