Warm Weather Safety Tips for Dogs


With the weather getting warmer it is important for pet parents to be aware of Weather Safety Tips for Their Dogs. 

    If dogs have not been going on walks during the colder weather months now is not the time to just jump right into long walks. Ease into longer walks gradually. Give your dog time to adjust to longer periods of more strenuous activity like walking. This also applies to dogs who may be running with someone riding a bike or with a runner. Let the dog ease into faster and longer runs with a runner or a person riding a bike. If it is very hot this can easily cause heat exhaustion for a dog. Be mindful of temperature and length of time running in the heat especially heat and high humidity.


   Dogs overheat very quickly and that can be dangerous for their health. A normal temperature of a dog is 100.4F

   Heat Exhaustion can come on quickly for a dog. Some of the early key symptoms to look for are:

1.   Excessive and loud panting (this is usually the first sign of heat exhaustion)

2.   Bright red tongue

3.   Pale gums

4.   Excessive drooling with thick and sticky saliva

5.   Increased difficulty breathing to…

6.   Collapse, seizures or coma (most serious symptoms of heat stroke)

 How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion for our dogs

   Walk in earlier hours of the day when it is cooler or at dusk. Avoid walking in the middle of the day or high noon when the sun is the hottest.

  Dogs sweat through their paw pads and by panting. A dog does not sweat like we do. Their entire body is covered in hair or fur. This makes them vulnerable to heat exhaustion. If your dog becomes very warm on a walk in hot weather carry a spray bottle of cold water and spray the paw pads with the cold water and give the dog some of the water to drink. Always bring cold water on a walk with your dog in hot weather. You both will need it.

 Put a children's wading pool in the backyard and let you dog splash and play to get cool. 

  Never leave a dog in a car or vehicle in warm weather. On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 to 120 degrees in just minutes.

 Remember, if your dog is overweight you are not getting enough exercise.

 Get out and walk as often as possible. Connect with nature and your dog. Have fun together.