What My Dogs Mean To Me!

There has been so much going on in my life during the month of August. Actually, all summer I have been preparing for my TEDx talk which is a 10 minute version of my book. It has been an enormous labor of love and time commitment. Thus, I have not been on my blog. But I am back and I find myself writing about what my dogs mean to me. While I was preparing my TEDx talk I would rehearse to Jazz and Jive. I know they did not quite know what I was doing but hey did know I was doing something that was important to me. They sat on their sofa (one at each end) in the sun room where I rehearsed every day. They did not move to get up or leave all the while I was talking. I would rehearse for an hour or more every day. Most of the time they slept but with that alert sleep where if need be they had a head up and eyes wide open to see what was going on. 

I have to say how comforting it was to rehearse to them. They gave me no direct feedback or judgment but acknowledged me by staying with me all those hours. The energy I felt being in the same room with them was and always is such a comfort and almost healing. Their presence then is not unlike their presence when I am working in the office. Jive is always under my desk at my feet and Jazz is a few feet away lying on the floor. Where ever I am I always know they are both within close proximity to me. I believe this is the closeness and the bond we develop with our dogs during our lifetime together. It is so easy for me to take this for granted. Every day i know my dogs are always at my side ready to go with me anywhere and always following me wherever I go in the house.

This intimacy and loyalty is not as easy to develop so quickly in human relationships. My experience is human relationships can be more challenging even though they are loving and committed. My relationship with my dogs is easy and constant. It seems no matter what I do my dogs are there for me...always without a doubt. Even if I am short with them and tell them I cannot play at the moment they invite me to. Even if I leave them for hours to go to lunches, meetings and whatever else life demands of me. No matter what I do their love for me is always. For me this kind of love is very powerful. I know that is the unconditional love people describe when they talk about the love they feel with their dog. I believe knowing that kind of love with a dog is the real reason humans want a dog in their life. We all want to feel loved like that. 

There is a quote by Roger A. Caras: "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." That seems so true on many levels for me. My live is so busy and I have so many wonderful people and activities that fill my life with joy. Somehow my relationship with my dogs centers all of that and makes my life feel whole and grounded. Yes, my dogs do that for me. I am so grateful to them for bringing that love and sense of peace to my life. 

But for our dogs I think that same quote would be something like: "As my human, you are my whole world and you make my world whole." We are everything to our dogs. They give us so very much. When I look at what I give back it hardly seems to be enough. But of course to my dogs it is everything and they are so happy to receive me and all we do together. I don't feel guilty at all. I do a lot with my dogs. They are a huge part of my life. But I am reminded of how much they give me all the time...every minute of every day. For this I am so grateful. 

Woofs & Smiles!