Happy New Year from Jazz and Jive and myself. We are looking forward to a new year and many opportunities to spend time together. We hope you and your dog have many happy and loving as well as learning experiences together. Life is short and our dogs are only here with us a short time. I always want to make the best of every moment I have with my dogs. Jazz is going to be 12 years old in May of 2017. I cannot believe almost 12 years have gone by. I now am focusing even more on our time together. Here are some fun things to you look forward to doing together in 2017! 

Exercising - This is likely number one for many of us. The first of the new year always seems to find us wanting to lose weight. Obesity is the number one health issue for dogs as well as humans. If you have a dog the likelihood of you walking more is increased. Walking together is fun and healthy for both dog and pet parent. Even here in Minnesota we walk during the winter on sunny days with temperatures in the 20's and above. If it is cold and windy Jazz and Jive both have jackets they were to ensure their comfort in the cold. Even boots if necessary. Dress warmly and enjoy a brisk winter walk and keep walking throughout all four seasons. 

Nutrition - Part of a healthy lifestyle is good nutrition. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for both dogs and pet parents. Human grade organic foods are excellent source of nutrition for our dogs. 
Fruits: apple, banana, pear, strawberries, blueberries, orange, to name a few are enjoyed by dogs and their pet parents. Vegetables: green beans, broccoli, carrots, kale, are just a few of the vegetables dogs enjoy. 
Giving dogs treats in the form of carrots or apple is a great way to satisfy hunger and promote weight loss. 
Dogs and pet parents have much in common when it comes to nutrition.

Fun - It is important for dogs and pet parents to have fun! It is especially wonderful to have fun together. Spending time cuddling and petting your dog when you are watching TV or a good movie is relaxing for everyone. Research shows spending time relaxing with your dog can result in health improvement in lowering blood pressure and lowering overall anxiousness. Playing fetch and find it or even hide and seek are fun games. We do nose work hides everyday as a way to keep Jazz and Jive challenged mentally and physically. It also helps me to learn more about how they search. This all contributes to making us a better team when we compete but more importantly gives us opportunity for quality time together at home. Build on and enjoy all the favorite quiet and active fun things you can do with your dog. Enjoy all those moments with your dog that bring a smile to both your faces.  


Woofs & Smiles!