Dogs are smart feeling beings. 

They feel pain, joy, fear, love and many other feelings. The average dog is as bright linguistically as a 2 year old human child. Dogs use their brain, body and instincts. Dogs have an ability to smell that far surpasses our ability to smell. They sniff out bombs, drugs, diseases and more. If we watch our dogs at work we see them rescuing people from fires, avalanches, crashes, tragedies like 9-11 and the list goes on. They work with our police, military, farmers and ranchers. They are service dogs for persons with physical and invisible disabilities. They bring comfort as pet assisted therapy dogs to our elderly, children and many others.

Dogs will defend their human at any cost and sometimes to their own death. 

Dogs basically want to be with us and please us. When we step back and look at all the skills our dogs have and their ability to do so many things it is impressive. 

Actually, we bred different breeds of dogs to assist us as humans in many of our activities. 

Farmers need dogs to help them herd their animals as do ranchers. Rescue dogs work the oceans and lands to find lost humans. Our service dogs sniff out diseases, even Cancer, and work to bring abilities to persons who have disabilities. Dogs hunt and fish with us. Dogs compete with us in sports designed for dogs.

Dogs participate with humans everyday in routine and other activities. 

So it only makes sense to give our dogs a job to utilize all their natural talents and abilities.

Your family pet may not be a police canine or a rescue dog, but dogs can only sleep so much and every dog needs a job. The most basic job for every dog is that of training. Teaching your dog basic obedience behaviors and requesting those behaviors from your dog every day will not only result in good manners for your dog but will also lay a foundation of behaviors for your dog that you can build on. Now you have a dog who can learn tricks. That is also a fun job for a dog who has to use his brain and his body to learn new behaviors.

A dog who is trained and has basic obedience good manners is a fun dog to live with. 

You now are able to consider a canine sport with your dog or pet assisted therapy work. Don't be overwhelmed by the thought of either of these options.

A dog with basic training in obedience is ready for the next job. The important thing is to find a job that is fun for both of you.

We do pet assisted therapy and the sport of  K9 Nose Work. It took us a while to figure out these were the jobs for my dogs and it took a while to get the training to do them. The important thing is we had fun working together. If it isn't fun for both of you it may not be the job for you.  

Meaningful jobs can also be daily activities you schedule and make into quality time with your dog.

Going for walks is a wonderful daily routine your dog will look forward to. Quality play time with the Frisbee and other dogs is another opportunity your dog could look forward to.

You can make jobs out of activities your dog does all the time.


For example, every time Jazz and Jive go outside they have to bring a stuffed toy with them. Many breeds like to do this. I did not want to bring toys in all day so when they come back from their time outside I have trained them to go out and get their toy and bring it back into the house.

I want to emphasize how important it is to use positive training techniques in all the training you do with your dog.

These are all jobs for our dogs. They are jobs our dogs look forward too and get meaning from.

Keeping dogs challenged mentally and physically is a necessary and good thing for our dogs. Not to mention the benefits for us as well. We are active and spending quality time with our dog building trust and loyalty in our long lasting relationship together. I think that is awesome! 

Happy Job Hunting!