Summer and bugs are here!

Summer is here and so are the ticks and mosquitos. I don't know about you but I worry about my dogs getting bit by these annoying bugs. I especially worry about Jazz because he is older but that really doesn't matter to the ticks and mosquitos. The traditional ways of treating our dogs preventatively have been in place and trusted for years now. However, over the last few years I have become increasingly concerned about the chemical composition of these traditional preventive treatments. I found myself looking for alternative treatments that would be more natural and not harmful with potential side effects for my dogs. I am not the expert on what is or what is not the best treatment for your dog. I can only share my researched journey and what works for my dogs. I do know that many other people also have found alternative treatments and use them with success as I do. Traditional treatments work. I am still using some traditional treatments for my dogs but I am also incorporating some holistic or natural alternatives. 

FLEA & TICK - Your vet will guide you to use the long prescribed drugs to treat your dog for ticks and fleas. I have found some natural treatments that are working very well. Dr. Karen Becker at
offers many holistic options. I use her essential oil as a topical on the dogs applied similar to the long standing chemical applications. I also use the essential oil spray every time my dogs go out for a walk or do any kind of activity outside. 

It is important to check your dogs at least once a day for ticks. I keep my dogs in a summer hair cut that also makes it easier to find ticks. When we go for walks I like to avoid letting the dogs off the trail into high grasses where ticks often are. They certainly enjoy their walks but I am attentive to where they are walking at all times. If you want your dog to romp in the woods and high grasses then make sure they are protected as much as possible and despite the best protection it is still important to check every day for ticks. Ticks are a reality we have to deal with.

Another resource for natural product alternatives is   
They have products that are effective and safe natural options as well. I also use some of their products.

Another resource I find helpful is Dr. Deva Khalsa also a holistic veterinarian. I like her practical approach and use of natural products that can be most helpful in caring for our dogs. 

There are many other resources I am sure you can find and already may be aware of. 

It is important to research options carefully. Your dogs health is the utmost priority. Traditional and natural treatments for various reasons are choices we make for our dogs overall health. Diet of course is also important and there are holistic and natural options in diet as well. Over all health for our dogs is related to their food, exercise and the medical and preventive treatments we administer to them. Being informed will help you along your journey.  

Wishes for a safe and funfilled summer for you and your dog!