How may of you celebrate your dog's birthday? 

I am sure many of you do. I see dog's birthday celebrations posted on Facebook all the time. We are excited to celebrate our dogs special day, recognizing when they came into the world. Sometimes we may not know the exact date but we come up with one that works as well. The important thing is our dog has a birth date to grow in years by. 

I see birthday celebrations involving swimming, ice cream, toys, and other physical exercise like walking, playing fetch, hiking, and many other fun things for pet parents to do with their dogs. And who doesn't love presents. I know my dogs love a new toy any time for any reason. On their birthday they get to pick one out at the pet store. They may not fully understand the birthday focus but I know they feel extra special. 

Remembering our dogs birthday and celebrating with them is fun for our dogs.  

Of course everyday is a celebration of life for everyone we love and our dogs are included on that list. Dogs have a joyful zest for life. It is contagious when you are with them to feel that exuberance. Dogs keep us in the moment. Being in that moment with them is a celebration of life all it's own, so enjoy every moment you can with your dog. Celebrate the new learnings like successful potty training or basic obedience behaviors mastered like sit, stay or come. New tricks like shake, or roll over. Or maybe that ribbon they earned in a canine sport or activity. Our dogs are very smart and love to please us. Keep them growing and learning and celebrate them along the way. 

Celebrating life also celebrates life ending. When our dogs are getting ready to leave we can also celebrate them. I have seen pet parents create the most impressive bucket lists for their dogs and they make sure every item on the list is met. Things from running on the beach to an ice cream cone are just a couple of many fun unique things I have seen on these loving lists.

Some people take that last walk together and let their dog off leash to sniff where ever they want. They spend the day with their dog and invite the veterinarian to their home to spend the final minutes with their dog in the familiar and safe environment of their home. 

Many of us keep ashes or return our beloved dogs' ashes to a place they loved like their backyard. 

Bringing our dogs into our family and saying good-bye to them are both big responsibilities we have as pet parents. 

Dogs need us most of all when they leave. Always be there for your dog, especially at the end of life.
Life with a dog is the best! Life with your dog is amazing!