Because TIME is so valuable it is one of the greatest gifts we can give to anyone, but especially to our dogs. 

If you have embraced a dog as a member of your family, you know how much your dog loves being with you. You are his whole life. Everything in a dogs world revolves around the pet parent they are bonded with. We have our jobs, friends and so much to keep us busy in our daily lives. Our dogs have us. They look forward to every opportunity to be with us. 

We can build special moments into our day as intentional time with our dogs. For example:

  • When you leave the house tell your dog where you are going and how long you will be gone. Give him/her a little low calorie treat. Make the leaving matter a fact but special for your dog.
  • When you come home celebrate being home with your dog. He/she has been waiting for your return and is greeting you with joyful enthusiasm. Share the same feelings with your dog and share how happy you are to see him/her. 
  • I work from home and every 3-4 hours I take a break and spend time with my dogs. They may need to go outside or we may play a little ball or other play time activities for a short while. If you work out of the home you can do this on week-ends and when you are home. 
  • Relaxing in the evening is a great time to snuggle with your dog. If your dog is not a snuggler, acknowledging him/her with words and petting may work well. 
  • Intentionally schedule play time with your dog. This can be a few minutes or as long as you have time to spend together. Running in the yard, playing fetch or ball or the game "find it" in the house on rainy days are great options. Your dog may have a favorite toy they love to play with and may share with you like a tug toy. 
  • You may pursue a canine sport together.This will give you class time, practice time, and possibly competition time together. It is a great way to build your bond and relationship not to mention getting got know a lot about each other. 
  • Going for walks is a wonderful way to spend time together. This is a win win because you both get important physical exercise.
  • Dogs need mental exercise as well. Have some puzzles handy for your dogs to do. My dogs know where theirs are and will tell me when they want to play the puzzle games by nudging the box they are in. 
  • Taking your dog with you on errands can be fun for both of you. Remember to have your dog secured in the car safely and never leave a dog in a car in warm weather.  
  • Preparing your dogs meals and telling them this is the time for them to eat can be a fun time for both of you as well. You can be creative. ;-)
  • Saying good-night is a sweet thing to do. Most dogs have rituals before going down for the night. Saying good-night can be one of them you share.  

I talk to my dogs a lot. We don't speak the same language but we get to know each others body language and can anticipate each others needs when the bond and relationship is strong.

Spending time with our dogs allows us to get to know each other and that makes being together more enjoyable.  

Time with our dogs is the best gift we can give them!