Pet parents embrace dogs as members of their family!

Pet parents love their dogs dearly and want the best for them. When I go to homes of pet parents I see evidence of this all over the house. For example during the holiday season, I might see a stocking hung next to all the stockings with a pet's name. There may be gifts wrapped under the tree for the four pawed family member. Other holidays may also celebrate our pets throughout the year. The one event that gets a lot of attention for our pet is often their birthday. I know Jazz and Jive get a gift and a special treat on their birthday. Pets can be equally recognized along with other family members in celebrating their birthday. 

Our day to day life experience includes our dogs. 

Dogs need routine veterinary care like an annual wellness exam and other preventive medical measures determined by you and your veterinarian. Remember, you, the pet parent are the medical advocate and voice for your dog. Your dog is unable to speak for him/her self, 

When we think of family, we think about the dog as well. But from a dog's perspective family is truly everything. A human family for a dog is their entire world of security and love. Dogs depend on us to be their pet parent and provide them with the basic needs. Actually, spending time with our dogs is truly the greatest gift we can give them. 

Dogs need us to provide food, water, shelter and medical care just as any other family member needs. 

Our dogs also need mental and physical stimulation. We send human children to school to learn how to live any thrive in our society. We bring our dog to training classes and socialize them to other dogs and socialize them to humans so they can live comfortably and even thrive in our society. 

All family members need to be able to live together with respect for each others differences and similarities. Respecting the differences allows us to enjoy the similarities. We respect boundaries and personal space for each other. Introducing expectations for responsible behavior is a family norm for all family members including our dogs. To do this successfully our dogs need basic obedience training. This is their right and it is our responsibility to provide them with this training,

Dogs are a canine specie and are different than the human specie in many ways. Respecting a dog's need to be a dog is important. 

Dogs are canine living with human. Dogs don't speak human. We need to learn to read our dogs body language and behavior just as they read our voice tone and body language to know what we are saying. Dogs also share similarities with us. Dogs are sentient beings which means they experience feelings. They feel sad, happy, frightened to mention a few emotions they share with us.

Dogs depend totally on humans for their survival. Dogs left to fend for themselves don't do well as seen world wide. 

As pet parents it is our responsibility to love and care for our dogs as we do all other family members. For most of us that is a pleasure because our beloved dogs give us so much constant love and ask for so little in return. 

I hope your time building your bond with your dog is filled with joy and love.


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